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About RNR Ministries
Our goal is to build relationships that lead to evangelical church plants. We have been and will continue to focus our work in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Less than 1% of the people in the region claim to be evangelical . We take holistic approach to ministering to the needs of the people that we encounter. While our main objective is spiritual, hoping for  the people to become a part of God's Kingdom, we also try to meet their physical and emotional needs in order to gain the opportunity to share the Good News with them. We use many methods to accomplish this goal including but not limited to mountain bike racing and promotion of other outdoor adventures, prayer walking, gospel saturation, family conferences and movie nights promoting family values, construction and handyman projects, sports camps, Vacation Bible Schools, medical and dental teams, and we provide support for local missionaries and their projects in the areas where we work. The work for all of these methods and projects is provided by local missionaries and  volunteers from the U.S. & Mexico

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As our name infers, we don't try to push a Religion on the people we minister to, but focus on a Relationship with Jesus Christ.